Coconut Oil and Eyebrow Growth

The improvement of hair growth is one of the many properties of coconut oil. It shouldn’t matter whether the hair is on the top of the head or the front of the head, the principles are the same and the source of hair is also the same. Feeding your hair follicles the right vitamins should improve the look of the eyebrows as well.

EyebrowThe use of coconut oil as an eyebrow growth enhancer is not a magical remedy, even though some people like to think of it as such. As we have established with our investigation into the benefits of coconut to the body both internally and externally, there are numerous properties that enhance growth and increase our wellbeing.

Consequently, it should come as little surprise that a regular application of coconut oil to the eyebrows will improve their appearance. With a good diet and a willingness to apply the oil on a regular basis you can expect sparse growth to be filled in and thin straggly brows to soon be looking thick and healthy.

By helping the health of the hair follicles in areas where it is applied, the growing conditions are maximized by the application of constant levels of coconut oil.

A brief massage with some oil directly into the affected area (aka, the eyebrows) every day can soon result in a change to their appearance. The good news when using this type of treatment is that if it doesn’t work, you can expect no adverse effects. In fact, the worst that could happen is the skin around your eyebrows will begin to look and feel healthier.


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